Tab every breath you take --- del guitarrista o grupo the police
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Mas sobre the police
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Artista o grupo: the police
Tabs de the police

every breath you take

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This is absolutely right, i have a guitar book with pop melodies in
it and this is a replica of that book, no bull!  I don't lie about
guitar stuff.


every breath you take,
every move you make,
every vow you break,
                       G               Em
every claim you stake i'll be watching you.
Every single day,
Every breath you take,
                 C                      Em
Every night you stay, i'll be watching you.


Oh can't you see,
you belong to me,
how my poor heart breaks
with every breath you take.

It has some more lyrics but this is what i can come up with off the top of my head.
Thanks for checking this out, i appreciate it.

i would like to dedicate this to Chris Merrill, he loves Sting, and he'll really like this.

Just e-mail me for any corrections, and i mean it.

here is my email address,

tabs every breath you take - Guitar pro, tabs, tablaturas y acordes

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