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regular show - party tonight intro

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The following has been copied from my youtube video's description, where I 
actually played the song:


I first heard the song and I just had to share you guys on how to get play the intro.

I figured out the intro by slowing the song on Sony Vegas and played it out by ear. Just 
bear with me while I play it since I'm not that good of a guitar player but at least 
you'll have something to get a head start on the song and maybe you will get to 
post videos of your own covers and even tabs online.

So here's my the tablature for the song I came up with...

|-----7----| Play--| 2X

|-----10--7--10--7----------------------­---------| Repeat this about 7 or 8 times
|----------------------10--8--7---------­------7--| (Listen to the song and play along to see)

and play this note after the above riff...

|---10*------| *Let ring.

There are two guitars that harmonize on the track (you can also use one guitar with the 
delay effect or a loop pedal to achieve the harmonizing guitars) but it's up to you to 
figure out the other two, I don't have time to.

tabs regular show - party tonight intro - Guitar pro, tabs, tablaturas y acordes

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