Tab la bamba --- del guitarrista o grupo los lobos
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Artista o grupo: los lobos
Tabs de los lobos

la bamba

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Los Lobos - La Bamba

Intro, guitar only.

Main riff
G |-----------------------|
D |-----------------------|
A |-3-3---------------0-2-|
E |-----0-1-1-3-3-0-1-----| X6

G |-------------|
D |-------------|
A |-3-3---------|
E |-----0-1-1-3-|X1

[Main 3 more times then:]

G |-------------------------|
D |-------------------------|
A |-3-3-----------------0-2-|
E |-----0-1-1-3-3-0-1-1-----|

|Then main during solo and 6 times more after solo. Then variation until tempchange]

End of song
G |-------|
D |-------|
A |-3-----|
E |---1-3-|

Tabbed by Joakim Nordin. []
This is how I play it (basicly, I iprovise alot).
This is the main structure of the song, and if you listen
to the song there's ALOT of variations which makes this a
good tune to practise some improvisation on.
For this very reason, I haven't tabbed it EXACTLY as it's played.
Allso, I might have missed the number of times each part is played,
so listen for it and you should have no problems.

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