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Mas sobre lacrimosa
# alleine zu zweit
# stolzes herz
# darkness
# lacrima mosa
# ich verlasse heut dein herz
# stolzes herz
# versiegelt glanzumstromt
# liebesspiel
# kabinett der sinne
# ich verlasse heunt dein hertz
Artista o grupo: lacrimosa
Tabs de lacrimosa


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Well, i couldn't find the tab for this song, so i made myself, these are the 

notes, you play the chords with your left hand, and with the rigth hand play 

the same chord ( but one octave higher and in the arpeggio way).

Every "(X -X -X  )" represents a chord, i dont know almost nothing about 

chords, or about english, but its really close to the lacrimosa version.

This is an A minor.

Am =  (A - C - E )  // you have to read the notes from left to rigth

Please, if somebody has a correction, or find a better way to do it, let me 


Ahmmm,im in love of my beautifull gothic princess Mina, this song is for her!  +--(O_o)--+


Estrofa 1

(A - C - E )
(Ab - C - E )
(G - C - E )
(G -B - D )

Estrofa 2

(A - D - F)
(Ab - D - F)
(E -Ab - B - C)
(E -Ab - B )

How i can i get close to .....
(A - D - F)
(F- B - D)

How can i .. the foolish one...
(E -Ab - B - C)
(E -Ab - B )


Beauty cant be seen...

(G - C- E)
(G -B- D)

but only kissed, .....
(A - D - F)
(A -C -E)
(G -B- D)

(REPEAT: the same pattern for: "i have so much love to give" )

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Valoración Tab :5
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