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Artista o grupo: john cougar mellencamp
Tabs de john cougar mellencamp

little pink houses

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Here's "Little Pink Houses".  It's a fun song to play.  As you listen to
the recorded version, you'll get the feel.

G-C-G  (play 4 times)

When you're doing the intro, just let off the A string for that Johnny Cougar feel...

G                                   G
There's a black man, with a black head (?)
G                           G
Living in a black neighborhood
G                                            G
He's got a interstate running through his front yard
G             F             C          G
You know he thinks he' it so good.
G                             G                              G
And there's a woman, in the kitchen, cleaning up the evening slop
G        F
And he looks at 'er and says
         C                           G
Hey Darlin' I remember when you could, stop a clock
                   C                G
But ain't that America, for you and me
                 C                 G
Ain't that America, somethin' to see baby
                 C                 D
Ain't that America, home of the free
                        C                            G
Little Pink Houses for you and me, yeah for you and me


G                  G             G                            G
Now there's a young man, in a t-shirt, listening to a rock and rollin' station
G                         G
He's got greasy hair and a, greasy smile,
         F             C              G
he says "Lord this must be my destination"
         G                 G              G                    G
I remember, when I was younger, say'n "Boy ya gonna be the President"
               F                      C                           G
But just like everything else, those crazy dreams, kinda came and went



             G                G                          G
Now there's people, and more people, and what do they know know know
G             G                   F                    C       G
Go to work in some high-rise, and vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico!!! (ooooh yeah)
         G                    G          G                 G
There's winners, and there's losers, but that ain't no big deal
          F                          C                       G
Cause the simple man, baby, pays the bills, the thrills, the bills that kill(?)




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